Rehearsal and Ceremony
The pastor of Central United Methodist Church may be asked to perform a wedding. If he/she is unable to perform the ceremony, selection of another minister will be discussed, in the case of church members. Non church members may provide their own clergy. Guest clergy are welcome with the approval of the Senior Pastor of Central UMC.

Rehearsal: The rehearsal is included in the wedding fee and is usually the evening before the wedding, however exceptions can be made.  The rehearsal will begin when all the principal participants are present, but may last no more than one hour and 30 minutes.  Please stress to your party the importance of being on time. The officiant directs the first half of the rehearsal; the wedding consultant directs the second half.  All ceremony details should be worked out before the rehearsal so that there is no confusion or erroneous cues for the ceremony. If the wedding party is more than 30 minutes late for the rehearsal, an additional LATE FEE of $50 will be charged to the wedding party.

Day of the Wedding: You will be given three hours for the use of the sanctuary. This time allotment includes “before” and “after” the wedding ceremony. There is an additional OVERTIME charge of $50 per half hour beyond the allotted time.

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